Featured: Trends and Products: Beg-Worthy Treats

Treats are arguably the most adored product category for both retailers and consumers. While pet parents love spoiling their dogs and cats with tasty treats, sales of these items are a major boost to a retailer’s bottom line.

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On the Right Track

The trends steering the overall pet industry—including natural, premium, convenience, safety, efficacy and overall value—are becoming more evident in the pet litter market. From cat litter and training pads that are environmentally friendly to cleaning products made with ingredients that won’t harm pets, people or the environment, the market is making large strides. In fact, […] Read More →

Exotic Feline Dining

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 3 percent of cat owners purchase food from independent/local pet specialty outlets and 20 percent purchase food online. But many independent retailers are taking these numbers in stride, especially as e-commerce grows to be one of the top marketing strategies for businesses. […] Read More →

Kitten Care 101

There are two types of consumers: the ones who have never had a pet and will grab any product they see that they think they need, and the ones who do meticulous research on the type of pet they want and the products they need, regardless of whether they have had a pet before or […] Read More →

On the Tree Top

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, out of the 500 cat owners surveyed, 70 percent of them said they plan to purchase some cat care item in the next 12 months. This provides retailers with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and educate cat owners on the benefits […] Read More →

Dental Central

When it comes to basic grooming, cats have it under control; licking and wiping as needed on their own with great results. But as far as dental hygiene goes, their tongues and paws aren’t up to that important task, so it’s on pet owners to make sure their cats don’t end up with a mouthful […] Read More →

Pet Age Supplements

Pet Age produces a variety of supplements throughout the year, that are of special interest to pet business owners and decision makers. To browse our supplements online please follow the link below...

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High-peractive Cats

Reputation doesn’t always align with reality. While cats are known for setting up camp in a favorite spot and napping for long stretches throughout the day, in reality they are social, active animals that need their fair share of stimulation and interaction. According to the “Feline Behavior Guidelines” report by the American Association of Feline […] Read More →

Primp and Purr

The grooming sector of the industry continues to grow to meet the increasing demands of consumers, including cat owners. Dogs are no longer the only stars of the grooming world; cats are catching up. More groomers are brushing up on their cat-grooming skills and offering services catered to felines. Although cats are known for their […] Read More →

More Than a Bowl

In 2018, 89 percent of 500 U.S. cat owners surveyed by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) purchased some sort of water and/or food bowl for their cat, according to the organization’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey. And out of 444 surveyed cat owners, 44 percent have bowls made of plastic, 35 percent with bowls […] Read More →

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