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Wrought Iron Travel Carrier for Birds


This durable travel carrier comes with everything you need to keep birds safe and comfortable during travel and transport. It has welded bracket seat belt collars for car travel safety; a bendable rope perch; solid cup doors to prevent spilling; a secure, bird-proof door lock and more. View Product →

Purina Oyster Strong System


Purina’s Organic layer feed for chickens now includes the exclusive Oyster Strong System, meaning all the calcium hens need to stay healthy and lay strong-shelled eggs is included in the bag—no supplements needed. Purina Organic layer feed is available in crumbles or pellets. View Product →

Bird Central Station


Available in two versions (one for cockatiels and conures, one for parakeets and finches), this easy- fill control feeding station with toy access also allows for quick and easy cleaning. View Product →

Coop Control for Chickens


Coop Control reduces “fowl” odors, is made from 97 percent bio-based organic carbon and is safe for chickens to ingest. Simply sprinkle in chickens’ pen to minimize odors. View Product →

Tropical Punch Cocktail


Made in the USA, the Tropical Punch Cocktail bird toy #HB872 is a party in a cup for birds. It is made with a real paper Hawaiianthemed cup and encourages birds’ natural instinct to forage and play with its colorful and fun design. It includes all sorts of treats and lots of shred-able, natural toy […] View Product →



ChewEase are functional, whole health chews that have been processed using organic, raw apple cider vinegar. BarkNBig’s process does not kill the naturally occurring, healthful bacteria and enzymes. These natural body part pieces benefit the gut and allow dogs with sensitive teeth and gums a chance to chew. View Product →

Walk In Chicken Coop


Ware’s Walk In Chicken Coop includes four nest boxes and features predator-resistant hardware for added safety and security. It accommodates a height of five feet and five inches. View Product →

Insulated Chicken Water Cooler


This insulated water cooler is a great offering for the growing number of pet lovers who are adding pet chickens to their family of pets. The Insulated Chicken Water Cooler also features retractable legs for added convenience. View Product →

Whiffle King Bird Toy


The Whiffle King Happy Beaks USA bird toy is handcrafted in the USA and is chock-full of bagels, straws, buttons and fun! It has a lot of textures and is great for birds who love to shred. Recommended for medium birds, such a conures, greys, eclectus, and similarly sized birds, the toy measures 12 inches […] View Product →

Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell Updated Packaging


This new packaging embraces a simple and earthy look, giving a nod to farmers who grow the foods that nourish. It still has the image of the chicken (an illustration hand-drawn by the owner’s niece), and the softer, more rustic burnt orange and gray-blues are reminiscent of the previous packaging. View Product →

Premium Chicken Food


The new line of Eggland’s Best Chicken Food and Chick Food features the same wholesome, all-vegetarian formula used by EB egg farmers. The formula consists of premium ingredients rich in 15 vitamins and minerals that help hens be healthier and yield healthier eggs. Varieties for chickens and chicks will be available, including a USDA-certified organic […] View Product →

MCT Coconut Oil Dropper Bottles


Treatibles chose coconut oil because of its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, coconut oil contains antioxidants and is rich in lauric acid. Combined with the many benefits of phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) oil such as instilling calm and balance, reducing pain, increasing appetite, addressing seizures, reducing inflammation and more, this is a formula with […] View Product →

Pitch Roof Cage with Stand


A&E Cage Company’s Pitch Roof Birdcage is great for lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets, canaries, caiques, pionus, conures, quackers, cockatiels and tiny birds such as finches. View Product →

Vita Prima Sun Drops for Small Animal and Bird


These Advanced Daily V Liquid Vitamin Supplements are designed species-specifically, with Sun Drops for Birds enriched with Vitamin A and Sun Drops for Small Animals enriched with Vitamin C. These high potency multivitamins are easy to use and taste great! View Product →

Avian Formula


Our feathered friends need superfood nutrition too! The Missing Link Original Avian Formula adds the missing daily nutrition birds in captivity need. With omega-3 essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytonutrients, this powerful supplement powder supports digestive health, sustained energy levels, fertility and overall wellness. In fact, a sprinkle or two has been known to […] View Product →

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