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Paw Pods


Paw Pods are 100 percent biodegradable and contain no artificial colors. They’re made with sustainable bamboo and rice husk, designed to degrade within three to five years of being introduced to the environment. They can help pet owners of all ages say goodbye to pets in a healthy, sensible way. They are also a good […] View Product →

Expanded Bird Cage


Now with exterior dimensions of 38 inches by 24 inches by 67 inches and an interior height of 38 inches, this best-selling bird cage is roomier than ever. The bird-proof front door and feeder doors have locks, and other features include horizontal side bars, vertical bars, front door safety latch, four swing out feeder doors, […] View Product →

Nature’s Window Wild Birdseed Blends


Premium wild bird food brand Nature’s Window has new package designs coinciding with recipe reformulations that are free of wheat and fillers for maximum nutrition and energy. Nature’s Window’s revolutionary square bag makes merchandising easy, featuring realistic bird photography on a clean background, helpful icons, birding tips and species-specific feeding information. View Product →

House Cage with Stand


This cage-stand setup by A&E Cage Company is the ideal enclosure for canaries, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, conures and quackers. The white cage with green roof and stand is non-toxic, durable and made with a safe powder-coated finish. The castors are built in for easy moving out, and the stand is detachable. It has a large […] View Product →

The Voyager


The Voyager by A&E Cage Company is a large soft-sided travel carrier that includes a removable perch and shoulder strap. It’s lightweight, has sturdy construction with stainless steel wire mesh, double stitching and no-skid rubber feet. View Product →

Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell


Scratch and Peck Feeds offers Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell, which provides additional calcium to increase eggshell strength for laying hens. It can be given to laying hens at approximately 18-20 weeks. Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell can be offered free choice in a separate dish or by tossing on the ground around the coop to encourage natural […] View Product →

Nubbie Tube Totem


Greenfeather Bird Supply’s Nubbie Tube Totem can be used by birds with both large and jumbo beaks, plus guinea pigs and rabbits. The toy is built on a 5 1/4-inch Nubbie Tube center with two thick paper rope arms and 12 sustainably grown hardwood discs with water-based ink printed images. It also features organic apple […] View Product →

Butterflies by Greenfeather Bird Supply


The Greenfeather Bird Supply Butterflies offer lots of noise and rattling fun for birds with medium and large beaks. The toy is colorful with mixed textures and shapes and contains parts to shred that can be refilled or added to. It is also handmade in the USA. View Product →

Trinket by Greenfeather Bird Supply


The Trinket offers plenty to keep those tiny beaks, including canaries’ and finches’, busy shaking, poking and rattling. Trinket offers both colorful discs and cute creature link combinations, along with texture appeal for those curious little tongues to explore. Finished with a mini nickel plated bell for soft noise fun, the Trinket is handmade in the USA. View Product →

Awesome Parrot Café


Caitec’s food and seed station for larger birds is designed to be totally messless, with a design that keeps waste away from where birds eat. It can be mounted inside or outside of any parrot cage and is made of sturdy, dishwasher-safe polycarbonate plastic. View Product →

My Pet Companion


Portable and spacious, My Pet Companion is an easy-to-assemble, indoor/outdoor pet kennel with a durable, reversible weather-resistant canopy for a virtual animal paradise. Simply form the permanently-hinged side panels into a hexagon-shape, and snap the pre-attached roof rods into the cap to quickly assemble the My Pet Companion habitat. The innovative and practical double door […] View Product →

Hilton Herbs


Hilton Herbs has a range of natural health supplements for dogs, cats, birds and poultry. The tried and tested FDA-approved supplements support a variety of common conditions. The supplements are made with 100 percent premium natural ingredients with no fillers. View Product →

Vita Prima Small Hookbill Safflower Formula


Newly added to the Sunseed Vita Prima line of products, the Small Hookbill Safflower Formula is a mixed seed and pelleted diet for consumers seeking sunflower-free alternative bird feed. It is designed for cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets and other small hookbills. View Product →

Kaytee Chick Starter Kit for Chicks and Hens


This starter kit includes the necessary accessories to start raising baby chicks. Intended for beginners, it includes a small feeder and waterer, food scoop, a Kaytee Dispensing Toy for Chickens, and a $2.00 coupon for Kaytee chicken feed or supplements. View Product →

Kaytee Fruit & Veggie Basket for Chickens


Keep greens, fruits and veggies clean and off the ground by cradling them within this feeder basket. The wire frame basket attaches to a coop or pen by a six inch chain and offers chickens a way to increase engagement and reduce boredom. View Product →

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